Classical training at the National Academy of Ballet in Belgrade and in the most accredited academies of the East; he perfected himself with prestigious masters of the Russian school and of the Cuban National Ballet school. For modern techniques and composition studies and improvements with the French academies and American schools. Diploma and admission to the dance teachers of America. Artistic director for professional and advanced training academies, invited artist in national and international internships, teaching assignments at IDA (International Dance Association), as well as guest in jury in competitions and festivals.
He has edited professional productions in the field of musical studies and dance / high education research for the Conservatory of Music “A. Pedrollo “of Vicenza, has conceived and directed the project of the Classical Liceo Coreutico C.C. Baronio of Vicenza. Choreographer and artistic director of the Ballet of Vicenza, he created neoclassical productions with European premieres and national premières in prestigious Theaters. Work with an international cast of dancers who must possess an excellent classical technique and dedication to artistic research work. His curriculum is full of prizes and awards, critical reviews, competitions won for the choreographic composition, honorary diplomas awarded by foreign ministries. Recognition of honor of the U.S. Air Force (U.S.A.), collaborations with Italian Ministries and Cultural Institutes abroad, diploma of honor for the dance conferred by the Romanian Ministry in Bucharest. In 2008, the Choreographer prize for productions in Europe. Monique Pepi is considered by the critics of the sector, among the choreographers who most distinguished themselves for the high value of his compositions. His particular choreographic work was recognized by the Veneto Region with support in the choreographic research sector. Currently a guest artist in academies and festivals in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands; guest choreographer at Centro Studi Coreografico – Teatro Carcano of Milan. His latest creation “The Knights of Destiny”, neoclassical ballet, with the soloists of the Balletxtreme Professional Ballet Company of Zurich and interprets the international Etoile Myrna Kamara.